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The following services are available to residential and small business clients, contractors, designers, and architects in the greater Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods. Installation, performance optimization, and troubleshooting services are available for newly purchased equipment or for existing systems that might just need upgrades or a tune up. 


AV Setup Help takes pride in creating custom system designs that focus on the integration and intuitive control of high performance home theater, distributed audio video, network, and home control systems that blend seamlessly with your interior décor and landscaping. During the design process special attention is given to the smallest details and time is taken to inform you about solutions that are appropriate to meet lifestyle, performance, and budget expectations for projects of any scale. 


AV Setup Help coordinates directly with interior designers, general contractors, and all other project related trades to ensure a smooth transition from system design to completed installation. A note about pre-wires and structural or electrical requirements for a project: After a system design is finalized I will coordinate with your licensed general contractor and/or electrician to have the necessary wire run and to specify items such as structural support for mounting TV’s, electrical outlet placement, running conduit, and any other requirements that would need to be performed by a contractor. 


System Installation: Expert installation of all audio, video, network, and control related hardware with special attention given to clean wire management, protection of the work environment during installation as well as proper cleanup upon completion.

System Optimization: Configuration of all audio, video, and network related settings and installation of the latest firmware and software updates to ensure that your system components and control apps are performing at optimal levels.

Networks: Design and setup of reliable and secure wireless/wired residential networks including setup of multiple wireless access points for roaming networks, router configuration, and setup of NAS RAID systems.

Moving Preparation: Planning on a move to a new home and want to take some or all of your existing equipment with you? I can assist with properly dismantling your home entertainment and network equipment, grouping and labeling necessary interconnect, network, and power cables together with the equipment and then your movers can wrap and transport everything to your new location. If moving locally I can assist with re-installing these systems in your new home. 


AV Setup Help provides universal remote control programming services for URC and Harmony Elite Pro remote control systems. AV Setup Help can also assist with setup of systems such as Eero Wifi, Sonos, Lutron Caseta, Nest, and the list goes on. 


The final step in upgrading to a digital streaming home audio system such as Sonos is to have your entire CD collection available to listen to without having to find and load individual CD’s into a CD player. AV Setup Help provides professional CD Ripping services to transfer CD collections to NAS hard drive for use with house audio music streaming systems. CD’s are ripped in lossless audio file formats using high performance hardware and software to ensure a bit perfect archival copy of your purchased CD collection. The CD Ripping service also includes meticulous editing of the ID Tag information for each CD to ensure that the artist, album, composer, genre, track, and cover art information displays properly in your media player of choice.

Please contact me for more detailed information and a quote.